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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Choroni beach Choroní is a popular place located in Aragua, Venezuela. Its proper name is Choroní, but because of its proximity to the colonial not official village of Choroní (es), it is often referred to as Playa Grande or El Malecon. It lies about 50 kilometres (32 miles) from Maracay. The drive from the city of Maracay takes about two hours, on a road built by the Venezuelan dictator Juan Vicente Gómez in 1920, a narrow windy dirt (Adventure) road over the cloud forest mountains of the Henri Pittier National Park before descending to the sea. From 1970 work began to pave the road and was completed by 1990.[1].


This beach it’s great for medium and advanced riders,. Plenty of white sands to set up your kite. The wind it’s a bit light at times but a in good seasons the wind it is perfect.

Windguru Kite Bros spot:

Rating: medium to advanced

Wind direction: Side onshore

Tide: All tides work but better from mid to high tide.

Good for: Wave, free ride and safaris

Winds season:

JAN - MAY - 17 knots to 25 knots

JUN - OCT - only some days

NOV - DEC - the beginning of season

SOME DAYS OF THE YEAR - by windguru an local crew reports

Playa Grande - Choroni Venezuela


Playa Grande - Choroni , Venezuela , Photo by Saab.visual

Playa Grande - Choroni , Venezuela , Photo by Saab.Visual

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