We are a group of riders whose vision is to enjoy and make known the lifestyle of kitesurfing around the world while keeping our values above all things, Conserving nature, Supporting the local people and  riders. 

It is  a movement to put kitesurfing

in another level.

Inspiring to make a better world through the kitesurfing movement
Nabor Gonzalez

CO-Founder KiteBros® , Instructor 


Sophie Carache

Team Rider Crew


Jyosber Raaz

KiteBros® Crew - Pro Rider


Gustavo Contreras

CO-Founder KiteBros® , IKO Instructor 


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Local Riders - Los Roques

Team Rider Crew


Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 3.05.20 PM.png
Roberto Primera

KiteBros® Crew - Pro Rider


Carlos Pieren

CO-Founder KiteBros®


Hernan Arends

KiteBros® Crew - Pro Rider


 Alejandro Rodriguez

  KiteBros® Crew   Young - Pro Rider

Sergio Coello

KiteBros® Crew - Pro Rider


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Adonis Saab

Official Crew Photographer - Drone Pilot



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Juan Luque


Haro Media

Photographer  - Adventure

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 2.52.15 PM.png

Photographer - Digital Nomad - Photographer - Videomaker - Traveler

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Photographer  - Adventure

Miami / Venezuela

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