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KiteBros Crew


We are a group of riders whose vision is to enjoy and make known the lifestyle of kite, wing, surf, foil around the world while keeping our values above all things, Conserving nature, Supporting the local people and  riders. 

It is  a movement to put this lifestyle

in another level.

Inspiring to make a better world through this lifestyle movement
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CO-Founder - Partner -  KiteBros® Crew , Instructor - Rider - Kite / Surf


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Partner KiteBros® Crew - 

Photographer - Drone Pilot / Rider 

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CO-Founder - Partner - KiteBros® / Graphic Designer - Rider / Foil


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KiteBros® Crew - Pro Rider / Surf, Kite, Foil


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KiteBros® Crew - IKO/IWO Certified  Instructor / Rider / Surf, Wing, Kite, Foil.


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Partner - KiteBros® Crew /

Rider / Surf, Kite, Foil


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