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Morrocoy National Park is located in the easternmost coast of Falcón state and northwestern of Golfo Triste, in the west central Venezuelan[3] coast, near the towns of Boca de Aroa, Tucacas, Sanare, Chichiriviche, Flamenco and Tocuyo de la Costa, and consists of 32,090 acres. It was declared a national park on May 26, 1974 by Executive Order No. 113, Official Gazette No. 30408 on May 27, 1974


Windguru Kitebros spot:

Rating: Beginner to advanced

Wind direction: Side onshore

Warnings: Reff line around the pool

Good for: Free ride, freestyle and safaris

Winds season:

DEC - JUN 17 knots to 25 knots

SOME DAYS OF THE YEAR - by windguru an local crew reports

Photo by: Saab.Visual - By a Drone

Video by: KiteBros® Crew

Photo by Henrique Ullivi (Drone)

A perfect spot where the wind blows to our favor.

Welcome to this spot

Our crew are ready to bring you a perfect kiteday or kiteweekend.

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